Reliability & Markets (R&M)

The CERTS Reliability and Markets (R&M) program supports research focused on the modeling and computational methodologies and techniques needed to address the increasing risk and uncertainty facing electric power system planners and operators in the future. This research is intended to integrate supply, delivery (transmission and distribution), and demand-side needs into an integrated stochastic planning and operational framework consistent with a vision of future engineering and market functions.

Market functions include investigations into, for example, the best-valued system use of storage, ramp, renewable and micro sources, effects of decreasing inertia, the planning for transmission under supply locational uncertainty, and environmental implications of a shifting policy landscape. Modeling and computation includes investigations into new algorithms for solving difficult nonlinear problems; a stochastic framework for uncertain yet integrated energy, ancillary, and environmental markets; and the development of synthetic test systems to address issues of robust testing of algorithms and ideas. 

This work is reviewed annually by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity Delivery & Reliability. Materials from these reviews can be obtained here.