Wind generation controls for damping of inter-area oscillations

TitleWind generation controls for damping of inter-area oscillations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsCesar A Silva-Monroy, Jason C Neely, Raymond H Byrne, Ryan T Elliott, David A Schoenwald
Conference Name2013 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting
Date Published07/2013
Conference LocationVancouver, BC
KeywordsAA14-006, AARD, CERTS, synchrophasor-based control

Inter-area oscillations are one of the factors that limit transmission capacity in large interconnected systems. In this paper we investigate the effects of increasing wind generation on inter-area modes and propose the use of additional control schemes for wind plants for mitigation of inter-area oscillations. Control schemes include droop control and inertial emulation, which are originally aimed at improving transient stability. The sensitivities of inter-area modes to droop control and inertial emulation gains are identified. Implementation of suggested controls schemes via collocated energy storage devices is also explored.