System Islanding Using Minimal Cutsets with Minimum Net Flow

TitleSystem Islanding Using Minimal Cutsets with Minimum Net Flow
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsXiaoming Wang, Vijay Vittal
Conference NamePower Systems Conference and Exposition
Date Published10/2004
KeywordsAA05-001, AARD, CERTS, System Security Tools

Slow coherency has effectively proved its capability in determining sets of generator groups among weak connections in any given power system. In this paper, we provide two comprehensive approaches to deal with islanding the actual system based on the grouping information, by using the minimal cutsets technique in graph theory. The issue of minimal cutsets has been widely discussed in areas related to network topology determination, reliability analysis, etc. The results of this paper also show potential in application to power system islanding. The verification of the islanding scheme is provided based on a WECC 179-Bus, 29-Generator test system.