Synchronized Sampling Uses for Real-Time Monitoring and Control: Implementation Specification for Visualization Tools

TitleSynchronized Sampling Uses for Real-Time Monitoring and Control: Implementation Specification for Visualization Tools
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMladen Kezunovic, Ce Zheng
Date Published12/2008
InstitutionTexas Engineering Experiment Station
KeywordsAA05-003, AARD, Reliability Adequacy Tools

This report is the third deliverable from several consecutive research and development activities. Prior work on the project explored requirement specifications and functional design for the control center visualization tools.

During this phase of the project, the implementation specification of our proposed graphical user interface (GUI) software has been developed and explained in detail. The main research achievements are:

  • The overall implementation flow chart of the software has been developed and explained;
  • Both external and internal logic of the software represented in the implementation flow chart have been specified;
  • The Object-oriented Programming (OOP) technique has been selected as the primary programming technique;
  • The software programming flow chart has been defined and general programming sequence has been established;
  • Two types of data interpreters have been explained; detailed inputs and outputs of the interpreters have been specified;
  • The programming specification of all GUI modules within the graphical software has been outlined and block diagrams for each module has been specified;
  • Options for receiving satellite images from commercial providers have been investigated;
  • The hierarchical view, which is for normal state monitoring purpose, is set to be a combination of four other views: model, equipment, aerial and topological.
  • Implementation plans for software maintenance and security considerations during development have been specified;
  • A general schedule for developing the graphical software is established, which has specified three phases throughout the programming process;

Since the implementation specification for the graphical tools has been outlined, our investigation will now move on to the development of the control center visualization software. As soon as the whole development of GUI is completed, on-site demonstration using field cases will be carried out.