Software Requirements Specification for Management for Grid Control

TitleSoftware Requirements Specification for Management for Grid Control
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsDouglas C Smathers, Laney Kidd, Steven Y Goldsmith, Laurence Phillips, David E Bakken, Anjan Bose, David McKinnon
Date Published04/2003
InstitutionSandia National Laboratory
KeywordsAA00-001, AARD, advanced measurements and control, CERTS

This Software Requirements Specification defines the functions of a simulation power grid model. The model defines grid control functions that focus on real-time control and related communication of information among entities that share the operation of the power grid. Deregulation of the power markets necessitates increased communications among entities who have economic motivation to restrict access to important information from other market participants. New power market concepts will impact how planning and real-time control are performed. The simulation power grid model provides the tool for investigating issues of distributed computing, data sharing, data access, communication system capacity, and communications reliability. The model enables researchers to develop intelligent distributed control agents for managing Area Control Error and transmission security. The software requirements specification is defined using a subset of the Unified Modeling Language, a class diagram describing all of the objects along with their attributes, methods, and some modified use cases.