On the Scaling Property of Power Grids

TitleOn the Scaling Property of Power Grids
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsZhifang Wang, Seyyed Hamid Elyas
Conference NameHawaii International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS)
Date Published01/2017
ISBN Number978-0-9981331-0-2

Compared with other natural or man-made networks, electric power grid assumes distinct "electric" topology with special small-world properties and electrical parameter settings. In this paper we study the scaling property of power grid in terms of both topology measures and electric parameters, with a number of realistic power grid test cases of different size. The examined measures and parameters include average node degree, average path length, algebraic connectivity, the bus type entropy that characterize relative locations of generation and load buses, generation capacity, total demand, and transmission capacity. Interpreting and testing the scaling property of power grid will help us better understand the intrinsic characteristics of electric energy delivery network of this critical infrastructure; and enable the development of an appropriate synthetic modeling that could be utilized to generate power grid test cases with accurate grid topology and electric parameters.