Reliability Adequacy Tool for Ancillary Services

TitleReliability Adequacy Tool for Ancillary Services
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsConsortium for Electr Solutions
Date Published04/2000
KeywordsAARD, ancillary services, consortium for electric reliability technology solutions (certs), Reliability Adequacy Tools, RTGRM

The purpose of this document is to define the functional and design specifications for a ASPTP application for Ancillary Services such as Regulation, Operating Reserves Spinning, Operating Reserves Non-Spinning and Replacement Reserves. The functionality of this application has been identified and defined based on current market processes used to acquire Ancillary Services in California and on the reliability standards of three organizations, a) NERC and its Policy 1 and 10, which addresses generation control and ancillary services. b) The WSCC and its reliability policies and guidelines and, c) additionally, feedback from other CERTS related projects. The document also describes the process to define the graphic-geographic visual components and perspectives that will allow for effective visual analysis to respond to the new operational challenges raised by competitive and deregulated environments and operations of bigger and more complex control areas.