Real-Time Voltage Security Assessment (RTVSA) Report on Algorithms & Framework

TitleReal-Time Voltage Security Assessment (RTVSA) Report on Algorithms & Framework
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsManu Parashar, Abhijeet Agarwal, Yuri V Makarov, Ian Dobson
Date Published06/2008
KeywordsAARD, real-time voltage security assessment, Reliability Adequacy Tools, RTGRM, RTVSA

Currently CA ISO's real time operations do not have a real-time dispatcher's Voltage Security Assessment tool and corresponding wide-area visuals to effectively manage the voltage and VAR resources on the transmission system and to identify the following:

Voltage security margin calculationWorst-case contingencies leading to voltage collapseAbnormal reductions of nodal voltagesContingency ranks according to a severity index for system problemsSystem conditions with insufficient stability marginWeakest elements within the gridControls to increase the available stability margin and avoid instability

The objectives of this report are to present a comprehensive survey of algorithms available worldwide for the purpose of performing voltage security assessment, make recommendations on the most appropriate techniques, and describe a framework along with the algorithms that have been included in the prototype RTVSA tool.