Real Time Security Monitoring and Control of Power Systems

TitleReal Time Security Monitoring and Control of Power Systems
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsGeorge Gross, Anjan Bose, Chris DeMarco, Mangalore Pai, James S Thorp, Pravin Varaiya
Series TitleCERTS Grid of the Future Project Team
Date Published12/1999
Keywordsconsortium for electric reliability technology solutions (certs), Grid of the Future, power system operations, RTINA

This white paper outlines the scope of issues, challenges and opportunities in the area of real-time security monitoring and control (RTSMC) of power systems in the restructured electricity industry. The counterpart of power system reliability in real-time operations is security – the ability of the power system to withstand contingencies. This White Paper is part of a set of six papers on reliability aspects of the electric power system prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy by the Consortium of Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS).