Phasor measurement based voltage sensitivities for contingency analysis

TitlePhasor measurement based voltage sensitivities for contingency analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHema Retty, James S Thorp
Conference Name2015 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting
Date Published07/2015
Conference LocationDenver, CO, USA

This paper presents a new approach to voltage estimation for N-1 contingency analysis. The voltage magnitude after a single line or generator outage is estimated using a voltage sensitivity matrix. The sensitivity matrix is derived using phasor measurements during normal operation. This technique is compared to the traditional voltage sensitivity calculation using the Jacobian of the system, which is based on the admittance matrix. Both methods are tested on the IEEE 118 bus system and the errors are measured by comparing each set of results with the actual post-contingency voltage. The test results show that the phasor measurement-based method provides a more accurate approximation.