Nodal probabilistic production cost simulation considering transmission system unavailabilty

TitleNodal probabilistic production cost simulation considering transmission system unavailabilty
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsJ. Choi, T. Tran, J. Kwon, Robert J Thomas, Timothy D Mount, Roy Billinton
JournalIET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
Date Published01/2008
Keywordspower system planning, reliability and markets, RM05-001

A nodal probabilistic production cost simulation method is described for power system long-term expansion planning considering unavailability and delivery limitation constraints of the transmission system. This new nodal production cost simulation model includes capacity constraints and unavailabilities of generators as well as transmission lines. This simulation methodology comes from the nodal composite power system equivalent load duration curve (CMELDC), based on a new effective load model at load points developed by the authors. The nodal CMELDC can be obtained from convolution integral processing of the outage capacity probability distribution function of the fictitious generator and the original LDC. It is expected that the new simulation model based on the nodal CMELDC proposed here will provide solutions to many problems based on nodal and decentralised operation and control of electric power systems under a competition environment. The nodal CMELDC based on the new model at load points can extend application areas of nodal probabilistic production cost simulation, probabilistic congestion cost assessment, analytical outage cost assessment and nodal reliability evaluation and so on at load points. The characteristics and effectiveness of this new proposed methodology are illustrated by a small system case study using a network flow and enumeration method.

Short TitleIET Gener. Transm. Distrib.