NERC Disturbance, Alarm, Response, and Analysis (DARA) Functional Specification

TitleNERC Disturbance, Alarm, Response, and Analysis (DARA) Functional Specification
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsConsortium for Electr Solutions, Electric Power Group
Date Published11/2005
KeywordsNERC-IA, reliability metrics and monitoring, reliability monitoring tools

The objective of this document is to deliver an application with alarm and notification capability such that if designated values (threshold) such as median frequency deviation exceeds a enterable value the data on the displays and in the reporting table will be flagged in red, and a notice will be sent to a pre-established email list indicating the threshold that was exceeded, the threshold setting, the actual value of the parameter, and the date and time of violation.

All alarms and events will be saved for five years with its corresponding tags for alarming tracking and analysis purpose.

The major objectives are:

Disturbance identification and data collection, Frequency Response calculation, alarms archiving (4 categories 16 types), frequency response, and Time Error Correction (TEC) archiving.Alarm record to include alarms status by: color-coded active, acknowledgment, manually replace statuses besides the alarm data1-panel and 4-panel multi-view geographic visualization of Frequency Response and other data parameters in the ACE-Frequency application 1-panel and 4-panel displayAlarms creation, archiving and collection for the AIE, Inadvertent and CPS-BAAL functionsInteractive data collection for: alarms, frequency response, TEC and other parametersInteractive saving of data in CSV data format