Loads as a Resource: Frequency Responsive Demand

TitleLoads as a Resource: Frequency Responsive Demand
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKaranjit Kalsi, T. Williams, Laurentiu D Marinovici, Marcelo A Elizondo, Jianming Lian
Date Published11/2015
InstitutionPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Type2015 Final Project Report
Report NumberPNNL-SA-24906
Keywordsfrequency response, LR11-010

With large-scale plans to integrate renewable generation driven mainly by state-level renewable portfolio requirements, more resources will be needed to compensate for the uncertainty and variability associated with intermittent generation resources. Distributed assets can be used to mitigate the concerns associated with renewable energy resources and to keep costs down. Under such conditions, performing primary frequency control using only supply-side resources becomes not only prohibitively expensive, but also technically difficult. It is therefore important to explore how a sufficient proportion of the loads could assume a routine role in primary frequency control to maintain the stability of the system at an acceptable cost.