Load As a Reliability Resource in Restructured Electricity Markets

TitleLoad As a Reliability Resource in Restructured Electricity Markets
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsJohn D Kueck, Brendan J Kirby, Robert H Staunton, Joseph H Eto, Chris Marnay, Charles A Goldman, Carlos A Martinez
Series TitleConsultant Report prepared for the California Energy Commission
Date Published06/2001
Keywordselectricity markets, Load as a Resource, LR00-003

Recent electricity price spikes are painful reminders of the value that meaningful demand-side responses could bring to the restructuring US electricity system. Review of the aggregate offers made by suppliers confirms that even a modest increase in demand elasticity could dramatically reduce these extremes in price volatility. There is a strong need for increased customer participation in markets to enhance system reliability and reduce price volatility. Indeed, allowing customers to manage their loads in response to system conditions might be thought of as the ultimate reliability resource.

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