Industrial Application of MicroGrids

TitleIndustrial Application of MicroGrids
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsRobert H Lasseter, Paolo Piagi
Date Published10/2001
InstitutionUniversity of Wisconsin
KeywordsCERTS, microgrid concept, microgrids

The following report summarizes the benefits of introducing Distributed Resources within an industrial site. To have a realistic example for this work it was necessary to design the site. The plant is assumed to be one that manufactures either paper or plastic film using a continuous process. This requires extensive induction machines that need to be tightly controlled to insure correct tension of the film during the process. The site has three main buildings: the factory with 50,000 ft2 of floor space, the warehouse and the office with 57,000 ft2 and 18,000 ft2 of space respectfully. This site has an overall demand of 1MW and is connected to the main grid through a series of transformers, overhead lines and cables. There is also another load in the immediate vicinity of the one under study which allows a platform for disturbances do to load changes and faults. The feeders from the 120KV source to the 120 volt service deep within the plant was designed using standard engineering practices.