Improving small signal stability through operating point adjustment

TitleImproving small signal stability through operating point adjustment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsZhenyu Huang, Ning Zhou, Francis K Tuffner, Yousu Chen, Dan Trudnowski, William A Mittelstadt, John F Hauer, Jeffery E Dagle
Conference NameIEEE PES General Meeting
Date Published07/2010
Conference LocationMinneapolis, MN
ISBN Number978-1-4244-6549-1
KeywordsAA07-001, AARD, Automatic Switchable Network (ASN), phasor measurement units (PMUs), Power system stability

ModeMeter techniques for real-time small-signal stability monitoring continue to mature, and more and more phasor measurements are available in power systems. It has come to the stage to bring modal information into real-time power system operation. This paper proposes to establish a procedure for Modal Analysis for Grid Operations (MANGO). Complementary to PSS and other traditional modulation-based control, MANGO aims to provide suggestions such as redispatching generation for operators to mitigate low-frequency oscillations. Load would normally not be reduced except as a last resort. Different from modulation-based control, the MANGO procedure proactively maintains adequate damping at all times, rather than reacting to disturbances when they occur. The effect of operating points on small-signal stability is presented in this paper. Implementation with existing operating procedures is discussed. Several approaches for modal sensitivity estimation are investigated to associate modal damping and operating parameters. The effectiveness of the MANGO procedure is confirmed through simulation studies of several test systems.