The impacts of electric power market simulation on engineering education

TitleThe impacts of electric power market simulation on engineering education
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGokturk Poyrazoglu, HyungSeon Oh
Conference Name2016 IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition (T&D)
Date Published07/2016
Conference LocationDallas, TX, USA

Harmonization of traditional education with computer-aided instruction is a trending method to achieve high standards in college level education. An online simulation is developed as a computer-aided instruction tool and added to curriculum for a power economics course. This simulation may provide engineering students with artificial energy market trading experience that allows for their participation within various `real world' economic market structures. To date no study has examined the impact of power market simulation on students' learning. The purpose of the present study is to fill this gap by examining the effects of simulation on various cognitive learning categories as defined by Bloom and Fink. 9 survey questions were specifically designed for this purpose by following previous studies' recommendations and avoiding the threat of bias. The self-evaluation survey responses showed that simulation has less impact on Synthesis and Caring than any other categories of learning. The findings and suggestions for educators to improve these categories are presented.