Functional Specification for the DV&C Prototype

TitleFunctional Specification for the DV&C Prototype
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKenneth Martin, Jianzhong Mo
Series TitleSynchrophasor Data Conditioning and Validation
Date Published01/2015
InstitutionElectric Power Group
KeywordsAA11-001, synchrophasor applications

The Synchrophasor Data Validation and Conditioning (DV&C) Project sponsored by the US department of Energy and managed by Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) was started in December 2012. The project objectives are to develop, prototype, and test various methods for conditioning and validating real-time synchrophasor data.

Phase 3 of this project has 3 tasks:

Task 1: Summary Report of Lessons Learned in all three tasks
Task 2: Functional specification for the Data Validation and Conditioning Prototype
Task 3: Review Meeting with Project Participants

This report is for the final deliverable for the project as required for Phase 3 Task 2, a functional specification of the DV&C prototype. The prototype algorithm is composed of 6 modules, each of which examines factors at stages of processing. Processing proceeds from receiving the data on the communication channel to checking the data package, parsing out the individual components, examining these components in relation to the measurements they represent, and finally relating the measured quantities to each other. The examination at each stage is described, the flags that represent the data quality problems are detailed, and any data conditioning is listed. Each process is shown in a figure and the tests and test outcomes are listed tables.