Forced Oscillation Detection and Analysis with the DISAT Application

TitleForced Oscillation Detection and Analysis with the DISAT Application
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsJim Follum, Francis K Tuffner
Date Published03/2016
InstitutionPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Report NumberPNNL-25302

In recent years, power system engineers have become increasingly concerned with forced oscillations, which often arise due to the malfunction or misoperation of equipment. To detect these oscillations, which are often too small to be easily observed in time-domain synchrophasor data, several detection algorithms have been developed. Considering the vast quantities of synchrophasor data that system operators are now handling, tools are needed to detect and report on forced oscillations. To address this need, the Data Integrity Situational Awareness Tool (DISAT) was upgraded to perform forced oscillation detection and display results to the user. To perform the detection, two multi-channel algorithms were implemented. Several visualizations were implemented in the tool’s application to allow initial investigation of detected oscillations. With the upgrade, DISAT is now able to provide needed detection and analysis of forced oscillations across a large system.