Evaluation of Distribution Analysis Software of DER Applications

TitleEvaluation of Distribution Analysis Software of DER Applications
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsD. Tom Rizy, Robert H Staunton
Date Published11/2002
KeywordsCERTS, distributed energy resources (der), microgrids

The term "Distributed energy resources" or DER refers to a variety of compact, mostly self-contained power-generating technologies that can be combined with energy management and storage systems and used to improve the operation of the electricity distribution system, whether or not those technologies are connected to an electricity grid. Implementing DER can be as simple as installing a small electric generator to provide backup power at an electricity consumer's site. Or it can be a more complex system, highly integrated with the electricity grid and consisting of electricity generation, energy storage, and power management systems. DER devices provide opportunities for greater local control of electricity delivery and consumption. They also enable more efficient utilization of waste heat in combined cooling, heating and power (CHP) applications — boosting efficiency and lowering emissions. CHP systems can provide electricity, heat and hot water for industrial processes, space heating and cooling, refrigeration, and humidity control to improve indoor air quality.