Error correction: A proposal for a standard

TitleError correction: A proposal for a standard
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsHarold Kirkham, Artis Riepnieks, Eddy So, Jim McBride
Conference Name2016 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM 2016)
Date Published08/2016
Conference LocationOttawa, ON, Canada

Some of the errors in transducers such as instrument transformers can be corrected as part of the digital processing for the measurement. The instrument transformer can be characterized in such a way that allows the Transducer Electronic Data Sheet of IEEE Std 1451 to transfer the information to the measurement system. A modification would allow the measurement system to perform a high-quality self-calibration whenever a transducer was replaced. That levies requirements on the characterization accuracy of the instrument transformer.