Eastern Interconnection Baselining Study 2015 Final Report

TitleEastern Interconnection Baselining Study 2015 Final Report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSong Xue, Ajay Das, Xuanyu Wang, Bharat Bhargava
Date Published08/2015
InstitutionElectric Power Group
KeywordsAA11-001, synchrophasor applications

Synchrophasor technology enables control center operators to monitor power grid dynamics in real time over a wide area of an interconnection or the entire interconnection. To make use of synchrophasor technology to prevent blackouts, operators need information on normal and abnormal grid performance patterns for a range of key system parameters such as system stress (angle differences), low damped or growing inter-area oscillations, voltage degradation, sensitives and other parameters so that the operators are alerted to take appropriate action and avoid cascading blackouts. Programs are now available to monitor these dynamic power system metrics in real-time.

To distinguish normal and abnormal parameter ranges that can be expected in real-time operations, the EI baselining study was started.