Eastern Interconnection Baselining Study 2014 Final Report

TitleEastern Interconnection Baselining Study 2014 Final Report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSong Xue, Bharat Bhargava
Date Published08/2014
InstitutionElectric Power Group
KeywordsAA11-001, synchrophasor applications

Analysis of several major blackouts that have occurred in last twenty years world-wide have identified the need for real-time wide-area monitoring of power system dynamics using synchrophasor system technology. With the advancement in the synchrophasor system technology, it is now possible to identify the key system parameters such as system stress (angle differences) and other problems, such as low damped or growing inter-area oscillations or voltage degradation early enough so that the operators are alerted for taking appropriate action and avoid cascading. Programs are now available to monitor these dynamic power system metrics in real-time. However, operators need guidance in distinguishing the normal and abnormal parameter ranges that can be expected in real-time operations, as well as to define levels to alert the operators when the system is moving from a secure state to a less secure state warranting action.