Development and Implementation of Composite Load Model in WECC

TitleDevelopment and Implementation of Composite Load Model in WECC
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsDmitry Kosterev, Jun Wen, Richard J Bravo, Shuai Lu, Steve Yang, H. Hindi, S. Wang, John Undrill, William Price, John D Kueck, Bernard C Lesieutre, D. Davies, David Chassin, Joseph H Eto
Conference NameCIGRE 2015 Grid of the Future Symposium
Date Published10/2015
Conference LocationPhiladelphia, PA
Other NumbersLBNL-1005170
Keywordscomposite load model, FIDVR, FIDVR Composite Load Model

This paper provides an overview of a multi-year effort to develop and implement a composite load model for power system planning and operational studies by the utilities in the Western US Interconnection. The composite load model is a significant improvement over conventional static load model, as it better captures both damping of inter-area oscillation damping as well as events of Fault-Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery. The paper describes the structure of the composite load model, and the processes for creating and managing load model data sets for various climate zones and seasons in the Western Interconnection. The paper describes utility efforts to validate model using system disturbance recordings. To see the presentation related to this paper, visit