Develop Error Simulation Utility

TitleDevelop Error Simulation Utility
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKenneth Martin, Jianzhong Mo
Series TitleSynchrophasor Data Conditioning and Validation
Date Published04/2014
InstitutionElectric Power Group
KeywordsAA13-002, synchrophasor applications

The Synchrophasor Data Conditioning and Validation Project sponsored by the US department of Energy Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) program was started in December 2012. The project objectives are to develop, prototype, and test various methods for conditioning and validating real-time synchrophasor data.

This report focuses on Task 1 – Develop Error Simulation Utility. The goal is to develop a utility capable of streaming PMU-type data records. This utility shall be designed to corrupt subsets of PMU data to simulate various data quality issues.

EPG has developed a utility named PMU Simulator to stream PMU-type data records. Demonstration of the algorithm and prototype developed in Phase 1 requires the ability to generate realistic data with the selected impairments. The PMU Simulator is designed to include functions for error injection and simulation.