Demand Response Spinning Reserve Demonstration

TitleDemand Response Spinning Reserve Demonstration
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsJoseph H Eto, Janine Nelson-Hoffman, Carlos Torres, Scott Hirth, Robert J Yinger, John D Kueck, Brendan J Kirby, Clark Bernier, Roger Wright, Arup Barat, David S Watson
Date Published05/2007
Keywordsdemand response, LR00-001, spinning reserves

The Demand Response Spinning Reserve project is a pioneering demonstration of how using existing utility load-management assets can provide an important electricity system reliability resource known as spinning reserve. Providing spinning reserve with aggregated demand-side resources such as those illustrated in this report will give grid operators at California Independent System Operator (CA ISO) and Southern California Edison (SCE) a powerful, new tool to improve system reliability, prevent rolling blackouts, and lower system operating costs.

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