Control of Distributed Resources

TitleControl of Distributed Resources
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsRobert H Lasseter
Conference NameBulk Power System Dynamics and Control IV
Date Published08/1998
PublisherInternational Institute for Research and Education in Power System Dynamics (IREP)
Conference LocationSantorini, Greece
Keywordsmicrogrid concept

On-site power generation is rising. Currently 35% of total US industrial electric power demand is met by on-site generation (Source Cambridge Research Associates). The trend is likely to accelerate. For industry with stable demand, it is usually cheaper to generate on-site to avoid charges for transmission, distribution or billing. The potential for smaller users, such as housing developments and office buildings to switch to on-site power is also high. A recent EPRI study indicates as much as 25% of new generation by 2010 will be distributed. The Natural Gas Foundation concluded that this figure could be as high as 30%

Distributed resources (DR) include a variety of energy sources, such as turbines, photovoltaics, fuel cells, and storage devices, with capacities in the 1 kW to 10MW range. Deployment of DR on distribution networks could potentially increase their reliability and lower the cost of power delivery by placing energy sources nearer to the demand centers. By providing a way to by-pass conventional power delivery systems, DR could also offer additional supply flexibility.


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