Congestion Management Requirements, Methods and Performance Indices

TitleCongestion Management Requirements, Methods and Performance Indices
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBrendan J Kirby, Jim W Van Dyke, Carlos A Martinez, Alonso Rodriguez
Date Published06/2002
KeywordsAARD, CERTS, System Security Tools

This report first presents an overview and background on key issues and emerging approaches to congestion management. It goes on to identify and describe policies affecting congestion management that are favored and/or are now being considered by FERC, NERC, and one of the regional reliability councils (WSCC). It reviews the operational procedures in use or proposed by three of the leading independent system operators (ISOs) including ERCOT, California ISO, and PJM. Finally, it presents recommendations for evaluating the competing alternative approaches and developing metrics to use in such evaluations.