Commercial Building Motor Protection Response Report

TitleCommercial Building Motor Protection Response Report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsDan James, John D Kueck
Date Published06/2015
InstitutionPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Report NumberPNNL-24468
Keywordscomposite load model, FIDVR, FIDVR-004

When voltages recover, motors may immediately reenergize and reaccelerate, or delay for a few minutes, or stay stalled. The estimated motor response is given for both the voltage sag magnitude and voltage sag duration. These response estimates are based on experience and available test data. Good data is available for voltage sag response for many components such as relays and contactors, but little data is available for both voltage sag and recovery response. The tables in Appendix A include data from recent voltage sag and recovery tests performed by SCE and BPA on air conditioners and energy management systems. The response of the motor can vary greatly depending on the type of protection and control. The time duration for the voltage sag consists of those times that are of interest for bulk power system modelers.