CERTS Microgrid Test Bed Smart Load Report: Phase 2

TitleCERTS Microgrid Test Bed Smart Load Report: Phase 2
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAmrit S Khalsa, Surya Baktiono
Date Published12/2017
InstitutionAmerican Electric Power

This document is a report on testing conducted regarding Smart Loads with load shedding capability connected to the CERTS Microgrid Test Bed, located at American Electric Power’s Walnut Test Site in Groveport, OH. The tests conducted for the CERTS Smart Loads Phase 2 project were designed primarily to examine two areas of interest: (1) could the smart load shedding routine implemented at the test bed be a useful tool for improving the survivability of an overloaded, islanded microgrid; and (2) could envelope of survivability curves be developed for each DER such that load shedding could be used in coordination with standard protective equipment such as fuses and reclosers  to avoid the operation of such protective equipment unless absolutely necessary thus avoiding a momentary or permanent outage of critical load.