CERTS Microgrid Demonstration With Large-Scale Energy Storage and Renewable Generation

TitleCERTS Microgrid Demonstration With Large-Scale Energy Storage and Renewable Generation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsEduardo Alegria, Tim Brown, Erin Minear, Robert H Lasseter
JournalIEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
Pagination937 - 943
Date Published03/2014
KeywordsCERTS, distributed energy resources (der), microgrid concept, microgrids

The Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) Microgrid concept captures the emerging potential of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) using an automatous plug-and-play approach. CERTS views generation and associated loads as a subsystem or a “Microgrid.” The sources can operate in parallel to the grid or can operate in island, providing high levels of electrical reliability. The system can disconnect from the utility during large events (i.e., faults, voltage collapses), but also may disconnect intentionally when the quality of power from the grid falls below certain standards. CERTS Microgrid concepts have been demonstrated at the Alameda County Santa Rita Jail in California. The existing system included a 1-MW fuel cell, 1.2 MW of solar photovoltaic, and two 1.2-MW diesel generators. Adding a 2-MW, 4-MWh storage system, a fast static switch, and a power factor correcting capacitor bank enabled microgrid operation. The islanding and resynchronization methods met all Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standard 1547 and the reliability requirements of the jail.

Short TitleIEEE Trans. Smart Grid