Autonomous control of microgrids

TitleAutonomous control of microgrids
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsPaolo Piagi, Robert H Lasseter
Conference Name2006 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting
Date Published07/2006
Conference LocationMontreal, Que., Canada
ISBN Number1-4244-0493-2
Keywordsmicrogrid concept, microgrids

Application of individual distributed generators can cause as many problems as it may solve. A better way to realize the emerging potential of distributed generation is to take a system approach which views generation and associated loads as a subsystem or a "microgrid". The sources can operate hi parallel to the grid or can operate in island, providing UPS services. The system will disconnect from the utility during large events (i.e. faults, voltage collapses), but may also intentionally disconnect when the quality of power from the grid falls below certain standards. Utilization of waste heat from the sources will increase total efficiency, making the project more financially attractive. Laboratory verification of the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) microgrid control concepts are included.