Analysis of the US Power Quality Equipment Market

TitleAnalysis of the US Power Quality Equipment Market
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
Corporate AuthorsFrost & Sullivan
Date Published08/2015
Keywordselectricity reliability trends

The primary aim of this project was to provide LBNL with data and analysis about shipment and sales of power quality and related reliability-enhancing equipment, and analyze potential customers.Primary objectives are:

To determine the potential size (sales and unit shipments) of the power quality equipment market in the United States and to use cumulative annual market sales over an estimated lifetime for each equipment type to estimate the total current installed quantities of each equipmentTo analyze the key power quality products (surge protection devices [SPD], voltage regulators, isolation transformers, uninterruptible power supply [UPS], and alternating current [AC] backup generators)To analyze end-user groups (residential, commercial, and industrial)To identify potential markets by US geographic region

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