Transmission Unit Commitment in Economic Dispatch

Project Status: 

This project was designed to explore the potential saving in economic dispatch cost from simultaneous economic dispatch of generation resources and switching off lines in a smart grid environment. Develop new models that capture the potential of line switching and new algorithmic procedure that can efficiently solve the challenging combinatorial optimization problems posed by such models.  Ultimately, this project will lay the ground for introducing short run topology optimization to traditional unit commitment and optimal power flow dispatch and will demonstrate the potential value of such topology control in a smart grid environment with appropriate line switching technology.

Related Publications

Hedman, Kory W, Richard P O'Neill, and Shmuel S Oren. "Analyzing valid inequalities of the generation unit commitment problem." 2009 IEEE/PES Power Systems Conference and Exposition (PSCE)2009 IEEE/PES Power Systems Conference and Exposition. Seattle, WA, USA: IEEE, 2009. 1 - 6.