Integration of Variable Renewable Generation

Project Status: 

FERC staff commissioned LBNL to study how a critical aspect of reliability—the control of power system frequency during the period immediately following the sudden loss of a large conventional power plant—can be better measured to assess the adequacy of frequency control in the interconnections currently and be used to manage the reliable integration of new resources, including variable renewable generation.

Final Project Report
Use of Frequency Response Metrics to Assess the Planning and Operating Requirements for Reliable Integration of Variable Renewable Generation

Technical Reports
Power and Frequency Control as it Relates to Wind-Powered Generation
Review of the Recent Frequency Performance of the Eastern, Western and ERCOT Interconnections
Frequency Control Performance Measurement and Requirements
Dynamic Simulation Studies of the Frequency Response of the Three U.S. Interconnections with Increased Wind Generation
Analysis of Wind Power and Load Data at Multiple Time Scales

Prior Work
Assessment of Reliability and Operational Issues for Integration of Renewable Generation