Commercialization of the SuperOPF Framework

Project Status: 

The objective of the SuperOPF project is to develop a framework that will provide proper allocation and valuation of resources through true co-optimization across multiple scenarios. Instead of solving a sequence of simpler and approximate sub-problems, the SuperOPF approach combines as much as possible into a single mathematical programming framework with a full AC network and simultaneous co-optimization across multiple scenarios with stochastic costs.

This effort involved development of the problem formulations, implementation of research grade software code, and testing of the methods and algorithms on a range of case studies to demonstrate their added value over currently available tools.

Years two and three of this project focused onĀ on enhancing SuperOPF (into SuperOPF-contingency) in its capability to deal with a large set of contingencies subject to voltage stability constraints, and on developing a commercial-grade Co-optimization Stochastic SuperOPF-renewables with the following features:

  • Co-optimize multiple base-cases
  • Uncertainties of wind generation
  • A large set of contingencies
  • Security-constrained OPF (contingencies, static security constraints)
  • Stochastic cost
  • AC power flow (under contingency constraints)