Lasseter, Robert

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The Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) Microgrid Laboratory Test Bed project's objective was to ease the integration of small energy sources into a microgrid. The project developed and demonstrated three advanced techniques, collectively referred to as the CERTS Microgrid concept, that significantly reduce the level of custom field engineering needed to operate microgrids consisting of small generating sources. The following three techniques comprise the CERTS Microgrid concept:


Phase II of the CERTS Microgrid Test Bed Project focused on prioritizing, developing and, as appropriate, demonstrating at bench-scale the needed additional technology enhancements required to further optimize the microgrid from the explicit perspective of enhancing the business case for microgrids. The microgrid technology enhancements that were studied included:

  1. Reduction of protection costs
  2. Reduction of DC storage costs
  3. Inclusion of AC storage
  4. Inclusion of non-inverter-based microsources

Phase III of the CERTS Microgrid Test Bed Project involved the addition and integrated testing of four major new hardware elements:(1) a more flexible energy management system for dispatch; (2) a CERTS-compatible conventional synchronous generator; (3) intelligent load shedding; and (4) a commercially available, stand-alone electricity storage device with CERTS controls.