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Real-Time Voltage Security Assessment

Electricity system operators need to know how to more effectively manage the grid and its reactive resources, including coordination with other organizations (interconnected system operators, load-serving entities, and generators), within today's changed operational environment, particularly during periods of system stress. Inadequate, region-wide coordination of VAR reserves was a contributor the 1996 west coast blackouts, leading WECC to adopt stricter voltage-VAR requirements.

Algorithmic Components

Propose Hybrid Approach

  • Continuum Power Flow to vicinity of PoC
  • Direct Method to find exact PoC
  • Trace the boundary

CERTS researcher are working closely with CA ISO to prototype a Voltage Security Assessment tool that will provide dispatchers with real time reliability metrics related to reactive margin, abnormal nodal voltages, weak elements and contingency rankings. The research involves assessment of improved (faster) simulation methods that can meet performance requirements called for by CA ISO's Market Redesign Technology Update. The research is being funded by the California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research Program.

The Voltage Security Assessment tool and corresponding wide-area visuals will assist CA ISO manage the voltage and VAR resources on the transmission system by providing:

The Voltage Security Assessment (VSA) project is designed to be part of the suite of advanced computational tools for congestion management that is slated for practical applications in California in the next few years.


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