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U.S. Department of Energy Power Outage Study Team

The Power Outage Study Team (POST) was a panel of DOE, national laboratory, and academic experts appointed by the Secretary of Energy to study selected power system events that took place between early June and early August 1999 and make recommendations for appropriate federal actions. CERTS provided coordination and logistical support to DOE for POST. POST studied six outages and two power system events that did not lead to outages. POST team members visited the affected utilities or operating entities in the fall of 1999 to learn first-hand about the outages and non-outage events. POST summarized its findings in an Interim Report, released in January, 2000. Following release of the Interim Report, POST conducted three technical workshops in late January at which the team heard public comment on appropriate federal actions to address the POST's findings. POST also received over 70 written comments through its web site, by mail, and by fax. POST presented 12 recommendations for federal actions in a Final Report , released in March, 2000.


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