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Reliability Technology Issues and Needs Assessment

Grid of the Future White Papers

In 1999, the Department of Energy tasked CERTS to prepare a series of white papers on federal RD&D needs to maintain or enhance the reliability of the U.S. electric power system under the emerging competitive electricity market structure:

The Federal Role in Electric System Reliability RD&D During a Time of Industry Transition: An Application of Scenario Analysis 92 KB PDF, 55 pp
Review of Recent Reliability Issues and System Events 253 KB PDF, 65 pp
Review of the Structure of Bulk Power Markets 212 KB PDF, 62 pp
Accommodating Uncertainty in Planning and Operations 129 KB PDF, 46 pp
Real Time Security Monitoring and Control of Power Systems 99 KB PDF, 48 pp
Interconnection and Controls for Large Scale Integration of Distributed Energy Resources 104 KB PDF, 40 pp

The preparation of the white papers benefited from substantial electricity industry review and input, culminating with a DOE/CERTS workshop in the fall of 1999 where drafts of the white papers were presented by the CERTS authors, and discussed with industry stakeholders. The DOE Transmission Reliability Program Multi-Year Program Plan emerging from the project is available on the Office of Electric Transmission and Distribution web site.


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