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Reliability Technology Issues and Needs Assessment

Final Report on the August 14th Blackout in the United States and Canada

Full Report
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Final Report presented in sections

Part 1

Table of Contents
Overview of the North American Electric Power System and Its Reliability Organizations
Causes of the Blackout and Violations of NERC Standards

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Part 2

Context and Preconditions for the Blackout: The Northeastern Power Grid Before the Blackout Began
How and Why the Blackout Began in Ohio
The Cascade Stage of the Blackout

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Part 3

The August 14 Blackout Compared with Previous Major North American Outages
Performance of Nuclear Power Plants Affected by the Blackout
Physical and Cyber Security Aspects of the Blackout
Recommendations to Prevent or Minimize the Scope of Future Blackouts

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Part 4

Appendices A - G

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