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Reliability Technology Issues and Needs Assessment


Computational Needs for the Next Generation Electric Grid
Computational Needs for the Next Generation Electric Grid Proceedings
Eto, J., R. Thomas . LBNL-5105E. April 2011
9.4 MB PDF
Reliable Integration of Variable Renewable Generation
Main Report
Use of Frequency Response Metrics to Assess the Planning and Operating Requirements for Reliable Integration of Variable Renewable Generation
Eto, J.H., J. Undrill, P. Mackin, R. Daschmans, B. Williams, B. Haney, R. Hunt, J. Ellis, H. Illian, C. Martinez, M. O'Malley, K. Coughlin, K.H. LaCommare. LBNL-4142E. December 2010
1.6 MB PDF, 141 pp
Supporting Technical Reports
Power and Frequency Control as it Relates to Wind-Powered Generation
Undrill, J.M. LBNL-4143E. December 2010
2.2 MB PDF, 94 pp
Review of the Recent Frequency Performance of the Eastern, Western and ERCOT Interconnections
Martinez, C. S. Xue, and M. Martinez. LBNL-4144E. December 2010
4.0 MB PDF, 63 pp
Frequency Control Performance Measurement and Requirements
Illian, H.F. LBNL-4145E. December 2010
249 KB PDF, 46 pp
Dynamic Simulations Studies of the Frequency Response of the Three U.S. Interconnections with Increased Wind Generation
Mackin, P., R. Daschmans, B. Williams, B. Haney, R. Hunt, and J. Ellis. LBNL-4146E. December 2010
335 KB PDF, 42 pp
Analysis of Wind Power and Load Data at Multiple Time Scales
Coughlin, K.C. and J.H. Eto. LBNL-4147E. December 2010
236 KB PDF, 50 pp
Electricity Reliability and Power Quality
An Examination of Temporal Trends in Electricity Reliability Based on Reports from U.S. Electric Utilities
Eto, J., K. LaCommare, P. Larsen, A. Todd, and E. Fisher. LBNL-5268E. January 2012
881 KB PDF
How to Estimate the Value of Service Reliability Improvements
Sullivan, M., M. Mercurio, J. Schellenberg and J. Eto. June 2010
347 KB PDF, 5 pp
Estimated Value of Service Reliability for Electric Utility Customers in the United States
Sullivan, M., M. Mercurio, J. Schellenberg, Freeman, Sullivan & Co. June 2009
534 KB PDF, 130 pp
Tracking the Reliability of the U.S. Electric Power System: An Assessment of Publicly Available Information Reported to State Public Utility Commissions
Eto, J. and K. Hamachi LaCommare. October 2008
244 KB PDF, 52 pp
Understanding the Cost of Power Interruptions to U.S. Electricity Consumers
Hamachi LaCommare, K., and J. Eto. September 2004
375 KB PDF, 70 pp
Pilot Evaluation of Electricity-Reliability and Power-Quality Monitoring in California's Silicon Valley with the I-Grid® System
Eto, J., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; D. Divan and W. Brumsickle, SoftSwitching Technologies. February 2004
599 KB PDF, 49 pp
A Framework and Review of Customer Outage Costs: Integration and Analysis of Electric Utility Outage Cost Surveys
Lawton, L., M. Sullivan, K. Van Liere, A. Katz, PRS; and J. Eto, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. November 2003
608 KB PDF, 86 pp
A New Approach to Power Quality and Electricity Reliability Monitoring - Case Study Illustrations of the Capabilities of the I-Grid® System
Divan, D., and W. Brumsickle, SoftSwitching Technologies Corp.; and J. Eto, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. April 2003
821 KB PDF, 32 pp
A Scoping Study on Trends in the Economic Value of Electricity Reliability to the U.S. Economy
Eto, J., J. Koomey, B. Lehman, N. Martin, E. Mills, C. Webber, and E. Worrell. June 2001
581 KB PDF, 148 pp
Transmission Planning and Policy
Transmission Benefit Quantification, Cost Allocation and Cost Recovery
Budhraja, V., J. Ballance, J. Dyer, and F. Mobasheri, Electric Power Group, LLC; and J. Eto, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 2009
1.9 MB PDF, 216 pp
Renewable Resource Integration Project — Scoping Study of Strategic Transmission Operations, and Reliability Issues
Budhraja, V., J. Ballance, J. Dyer, F. Mobasheri, Electric Power Group; and J. Eto, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. December 2008
1.1 MB PDF, 49 pp
A Review of Recent RTO Benefit-Cost Studies: Toward More Comprehensive Restructuring Policies
Eto, J., B. Lesieutre, and D. Hale. LBNL-58027. December 2005
196 KB PDF, 61 pp
Improving Dynamic Load and Generator Response Performance Tools
Lesieutre, B. LBNL-59192. November 2005
485 KB PDF, 74 pp
The Potential Impacts of a Competitive Wholesale Market in the Midwest: A Preliminary Examination of Centralized Dispatch
Lesieutre, B., E. Bartholomew, and J. Eto. LBNL-56503. October 2004
574 KB PDF, 75 pp
Transmission-Planning Research and Development Scoping Project
Eto, J., B. Lesieutre and S. Widergren. July 2004
630 KB PDF, 82 pp
Economic Evaluation of Transmission Interconnection in a Restructured Market
Mobasheri, F., M. Cheng, and J. Medina. June 2004
91 KB PDF, 48 pp
California's Electricity Generation and Transmission Interconnection Needs Under Alternative Scenarios: Assessment of Resources, Demand, Need For Transmission Interconnections, Policy Issues and Recommendations For Long Term Transmission Planning
Budhraja, V., F. Mobasheri, M. Cheng, J. Dyer, E. Castaño, and S. Hess. November 2003
306 KB PDF, 42 pp
Planning for California's Future Transmission Grid: Review of Transmission System, Strategic Benefits, Planning Issues and Policy Recommendations
Budhraja, V., J. Dyer, and S. Hess. October 2003
438 KB PDF, 30 pp
Electricity Transmission Congestion Costs: A Review of Recent Reports
Lesieutre, B., and J. Eto. October 2003
233 KB PDF, 53 pp
A Survey of National Transmission Grid Modeling Capabilities at DOE Laboratories
Thomas, S., P. Boggs and V. Howle, Sandia National Laboratories. July 2003
298 KB PDF, 53 pp
Analysis and Selection of Analytical Tools to Assess National-Interest Transmission Bottlenecks Final Report
KEMA Consulting: KEMA-ECC & Macro Corporation. March 2003
1.4 MB PDF, 122 pp
U.S. Department of Energy Transmission Bottleneck Project Report
Dyer, J., Electric Power Group. March 2003
1.8 MB PDF, 100 pp
Computational Needs for the Next Generation Electric Grid
Computational Needs for the Next Generation Electric Grid. April 2011 Introduction
9.3 MB PDF, 375 pp
August 14, 2003 Blackout
Final Report on the August 14th Blackout in the United States and Canada: Causes and Recommendations
U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force. April 2004
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National Transmission Grid Study
National Transmission Grid Study
May 2002
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Issue Papers
May 2002
Screen version
973 KB, 243 pp
Print version
5.8 MB, 243 pp
Transmission System Operation and Interconnection
Alvarado, F., University of Wisconsin, Madison, and S. Oren, University of California at Berkeley. May 2002
1.1 MB, 36 pp
Reliability Management and Oversight
Kirby, B., Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and E. Hirst Consulting in Electric-Industry Restructuring. May 2002
590 KB, 29 pp
Alternative Business Models for Transmission Investment and Operation
Oren, S., University of California at Berkeley; G. Gross, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and F. Alvarado, University of Wisconsin. May 2002
548 KB, 38 pp
Transmission Planning and the Need for New Capacity
Hirst, E., Consulting in Electric-Industry Restructuring and B. Kirby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. May 2002
559 KB, 33 pp
Transmission Siting and Permitting
Meyer, D.H., Consultant, Electricity Policy and Regulation and R. Sedano, Regulatory Assistance Project. May 2002
593 KB, 51 pp
Advanced Transmission Technologies
Hauer, J., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; T. Overbye, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and J. Dagle and S. Widergren, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. May 2002
1.1 MB, 45 pp
Grid of the Future
California's Electricity System of the Future Scenario Analysis in Support of Public-Interest Transmission System R&D Planning
Eto, J., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; J.P. Stovall, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; V. Budhraja and J. Dyer, Electric Power Group; C. Goldman and C. Marnay, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; G. Gross, Power Systems Engineering Research Center, University of Illinois; and S. Oren, Power Systems Engineering Research Center, University of California. April 2003
224 KB PDF, 61 pp
Executive Summary for the Grid of the Future Project
Eto, J., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. December 1999
45 KB PDF, 20 pp
The Federal Role in Electric System Reliability RD&D During a Time of Industry Transition: An Application of Scenario Analysis
Eto, J., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. December 1999
92 KB PDF, 55 pp
Review of Recent Reliability Issues and System Events
Hauer, J., and J. Dagle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. December 1999
253 KB PDF, 65 pp
Review of the Structure of Bulk Power Markets
Kirby, B., and J. Kueck, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. December 1999
212 KB PDF, 62 pp
Real Time Security Monitoring and Control of Power Systems
Gross, G., A. Bose, C. Demarco, M. Pai, J. Thorp, and P. Varaiya, Power Systems Engineering Research Center. December 1999
99 KB PDF, 48 pp
Interconnection and Controls for Large Scale Integration of Distributed Energy Resources
Budhraja, V., C. Martinez, J. Dyer, and M. Kondragunta, Edison Technology Solutions. December 1999
104 KB PDF, 40 pp
Accommodating Uncertainty in Planning and Operations
Ivey, M., A. Akhil, D. Robinson, J. Stamp, and K. Stamber, Sandia National Laboratories; and K. Chu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. December 1999
129 KB PDF, 46 pp
Power Outage Study Team
Report of the U.S. Department of Energy's Power Outage Study Team: Findings and Recommendations to Enhance Reliability from the Summer of 1999
Carrier, P., Chairman. March 2000
216 KB PDF, 65 pp
Interim Report of the U.S. Department of Energy's Power Outage Study Team
Carrier, P., Chairman. January 2000
1.5 MB PDF, 98 pp
IEEE-CERTS Reliability Symposium
Summary Proceedings of IEEE-USA's 2000 Energy Policy Symposium
May 24, 2000
Summary Proceedings