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Real-Time Grid Reliability Management

CERTS Real-Time Grid Reliability Management research focuses on developing and prototyping software tools that will ultimately enable the electricity grid to function as a smart, automatic, switchable network. These tools are envisioned to:

CERTS' work in this area is based on the recognition that past, off-line, engineering-based modeling and analysis of system performance are no longer adequate because markets—rather than centralized engineering decision making—now determine how the transmission system is used.

As a result, new tools are needed to identify, in real time, critical resource deficiencies that could endanger system reliability, as well as to reliably and efficiently match customer demands with supplies of electricity.

Current work focuses on prototyping and demonstrating real-time reliability management tools, developing system security management tools, and conducting applied research on advanced measurement technologies and controls.

Key Accomplishments
CERTS Area Control Error (ACE)-Frequency Real-Time Monitoring System
(739 KB PDF, 14 pp)
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CERTS Control Area and Supplier's Performance for Automatic Generation Control and Frequency Response Services System
(347 KB PDF, 20 pp)
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Real Time Voltage Security Assessment More information
California ISO Phasor Tools
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