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Real-Time Grid Reliability Management

Advanced Measurements and Control

Research, development, and demonstration of advanced measurements and controls, leading to demonstration of advanced monitoring workstations based on synchronized phasors, for new processes to improve current stability nomograms and remedial action schemes, and for advanced detection and automatic responses ensuring the reliability of the power grid. Key activities include: 1) development and demonstration of prototype post-disturbance workstations for operators and operating engineers at ISOs, RTOs, and utilities; 2) research, development, and demonstration of prototypes for improving or replacing current static stability nomograms and remedial action schemes that utilize SCADA real-time information on the overall state of the grid; 3) quantification of fundamental constraints on wide-area control; 4) research and development of new control methods for real-time wide-area control; 5) development of prototypes to simulate and demonstrate the responsive and reliable high-performance grid concept; and 5) establishment of a wide-area dynamic information network.

Key Accomplishments
CERTS Monitoring Applications based on Synchronized Phasor Measurements
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Carl Imhoff
Pacific Northwest National Lab
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