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Coupling Wind Generation with Controllable Load and Storage: A Time-Series Application of the SuperOPF
Mount, T., L. Anderson, R. Zimmerman, J. Cardell. November 2012
5.4 MB PDF, 103 pp
Market Mechanisms for Reliability Management
Pricing the Use of Capital-Intensive Infrastructure Over Time and Efficient Capacity Expansion: Illustrations for Electric Transmission Investment
Schuler, R. Journal of Regulatory Economics Vol. 41, Issue 1, p. 80-99, February 2012
465 KB PDF, 22 pp
Planning, Markets and Investment in the Electric Supply Industry
Schuler, R. January 2012
251 KB PDF, 8 pp
Electricity Market Structures to Reduce Seams and Enhance Investment
Schuler, R., T. Mount, W. Schulze, R. Zimmerman and S. Oren. February 2010
1 MB PDF, 79 pp
Facilitating Environmental Initiatives While Maintaining Efficient Markets and Electric System Reliability Final Project Report
Schulze, W., R. Thomas, T. Mount, R. Schuler, R. Zimmerman, D. Tylavsky, D. Shawhan, D. Mitarotonda, and J. Taber. October 2009
766 KB PDF, 53 pp
A "SuperOPF" Framework
Lamadrid, A., S. Maneevitjit, T. Mount, C. Murillo-Sánchez, R. Thomas, R. Zimmerman. December 2008
1.1 MB PDF, 59 pp
SuperOPF Research Roadmap
Zimmerman, R. December 2008
133 KB PDF, 12 pp
Efficient and Reliable Reactive Power Supply and Consumption — Insights from an Integrated Program of Engineering and Economic Research
Thomas, R., T. Mount, R. Schuler, W. Schulze, R. Zimmerman, F. Alvarado, B. Lesieutre, P. Overholt, and J. Eto. Preprint version of paper in Electricity Journal. LBNL-63782. January 2008
244 KB PDF, 16 pp
Markets for Reactive Power and Reliability: a White Paper
Thomas, R., T. Mount, R. Schuler, W. Schulze, R. Zimmerman, D. Shawhan, and D. Toomey, Engineering and Economics of Electricity Research Group (E3RG), Cornell University. December 2006
1.5 MB PDF, 57 pp
Market Structure and the Predictability of Electricity System Line Flows: An Experimental Analysis
Adilov, N., T. Light, R. Schuler, W. Schulze, D. Toomey, and R. Zimmerman. Presented at 38th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science, Waikoloa, HI, January 2005
115 KB PDF, 9 pp
Two Settlements Systems for Electricity Markets under Network Uncertainty and Market Power
Kamat, R., and S. Oren. Journal of Regulatory Economics: 25:1 5-37, 2004
354 KB PDF, 33 pp
Joint Energy and Reserves Auction with Opportunity Cost Payment for Reserves
Oren, S., and R. Sioshansi. Bulk Power System Dynamics and Control VI, Cortina DíAmpezzo, Italy. August 2004
190 KB PDF, 6 pp
Metrics for Application of Revenue Sensitivity Analysis to Predict Market Power Coalitions in Electricity Markets
Cain, M.B., and F.L. Alvarado. Conference Proceedings: 36th Annual North American Power Symposium, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. August 2004
201 KB PDF, 8 pp
The Effect of Customer Participation in Electricity Markets: An Experimental Analysis of Alternative Market Structures
Adilov, N., R. Schuler, W. Schulze, and D. Toomey. Proceedings of the 37th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. January 2004
191 KB PDF, 10 pp
A Review of Market Monitoring Activities at U.S. Independent System Operators
Goldman, C., B.C. Lesieutre, and E. Bartholomew. January 2004
164 KB PDF, 42 pp
The New York Transmission Congestion Contract Market: Is It Truly Working Efficiently?
Bartholomew, E., A. Siddiqui, C. Marnay and S. Oren. June 2003
206 KB PDF, 19 pp
On the Efficiency of the New York Independent System Operator Market for Transmission Congestion Contracts
Siddiqui, A., E. Bartholomew, C. Marnay, and S. Oren. March 2003
720 KB PDF, 45 pp
Locational Pricing and Scheduling for an Integrated Energy-Reserve Market
Chen, J., J.S. Thorp, R.J. Thomas, and T.D. Mount. Conference Proceedings: 36th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). January 2003
380 KB PDF, 10 pp
Markets for Reliability and Financial Options in Electricity: Theory to Support Practice
Mount, T., W. Schulze, and R.E. Schuler. Conference Proceedings: 36th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). January 2003
241 KB PDF, 10 pp
Time-space Methods for Determining Locational Reserves: A Framework for Location-based Pricing and Scheduling for Reserve Markets
Thorp, J.S., R.J. Thomas, and J. Chen. December 2002
911 KB PDF, 67 pp
Two-Settlement Systems for Electricity Markets: Zonal Aggregation Under Network Uncertainty and Market Power
Kamat, R., and S. Oren, UC Berkeley. February, 2002
232 KB PDF, 64 pp
Methodology for Automatic Zone Creation/Merging/Partitioning
Alvarado, F.L., and W. Liu. May 2001
886 KB PDF, 160 pp
Rational Buyer Meets Rational Seller: Reserves Market Equilibria under Alternative Auction Designs
Kamat, R., and S. Oren, UC Berkeley. February 8, 2001
530 KB PDF, 49 pp
Design of Ancillary Service Markets
Oren, S., UC Berkeley. January 2001
64 KB PDF, 9 pp
Spot Pricing of Electricity and Ancillary Services in a Competitive California Market
Siddiqui, A., C. Marnay, and M. Khavkin. November 2000
197 KB PDF, 10 pp
CERTS Database Brochure
Marnay, C., A. Siddiqui, J. Guttenplan, and M. Khavkin. August 2000
263 KB PDF, 7 pp
Analysis of Uniform and Discriminatory Price Auctions in Restructured Electricity Markets
Hudson, R., Oak Ridge National Laboratory. July 2000
40 KB PDF, 7 pp
Excessive Price Volatility in the California Ancillary Services Markets: Causes, Effects, and Solutions
Siddiqui, A., C. Marnay, and M. Khavkin. Electricity Journal, vol. 13(6). July 2000
130 KB PDF, 23 pp
Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of Current and Proposed Markets Including Effects of Ancillary Services
Thomas R., T. Mount, R. Zimmerman and S. Ede, Power Systems Engineering Research Center, Cornell University. March 2000
301 KB PDF, 32 pp
Customer-Specific Metrics For the Regulation and Load-Following Ancillary Services
Kirby, B., and E. Hirst. January 2000
252 KB PDF, 47 pp
Transmission Grid Access and Pricing in Norway, Spain, and California: A Comparative Study
Grønli, H., T. Gómez, and C. Marnay. September 1999
90 KB PDF, 17 pp
Ancillary Services Markets in California
Gómez, T., C. Marnay, A. Siddiqui, L. Liew, and M. Khavkin. July 1999
482 KB PDF, 54 pp