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Eastern Interconnection Phasor Project

The goals of the Eastern Interconnection Phasor Project (EIPP) are to provide greater visibility of system operating conditions to those responsible for reliable grid operation and to provide more accurate and more detailed information about system conditions to planners and analysts. The former applications are referred to as "real-time" uses of information while the latter are "off-line" uses.

Map of the eastern parts of the United States and Canada included in the CERTS Eastern Interconnection Phasor Project.

Figure. The EIPP work group is taking a phased approach to implementing the vision.

The importance of this project is underscored by the findings of the U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force investigating the August 14, 2003 blackout. The Task Force evaluated common factors for eight major power system outages spanning almost 40 years of service. One of the common factors in all of these major power system events was the "inability of system operators or coordinators to visualize events on the entire system." [Source: "Interim Report: Causes of the August 14th Blackout in the United States and Canada", http://electricity.doe.gov] In other words, system operators need a broader view of the system than they are getting with their current tools.

The EIPP is led by an industry work group comprised of knowledgeable stakeholders. The mission of the work group is to create a robust, widely available, secure and accessible synchronized data measurement and communication infrastructure over the eastern interconnection with associated analysis and monitoring tools for better planning and operation and improved reliability. The work group has set a goal to integrate 30 or more synchronized monitors into a coherent data network in Phase I of the project plan.

Achieving the EIPP vision will require coordinated efforts in the areas of advanced visualization and analysis, communications and protocols, data security, and the development of applications aimed at improving bulk grid reliability. CERTS and the industry stakeholders participating in the EIPP work group are working diligently to make the vision a reality.

Additional information on the CERTS Eastern Interconnection Phasor Project can be found at the EIPP website. (http://phasors.pnl.gov)


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