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Distributed Energy Resources Integration


Microgrid Concept
CERTS Microgrid Tecogen InVerde INV100 Test Report
Klapp, D., R. Zimmerly, and J. Howard. March 2012
1.2 MB PDF, 68 pp
CERTS Microgrid Mechanical Switch Test Report Abstract
6.8 MB PDF, 61 pp
Comparison of PV Inverter Controller Configurations for CERTS Microgrid Applications
Erickson, M., T. Jahns and R. Lasseter. November 2011
588 KB PDF, 8 pp
Smart Distribution: Coupled Microgrids
Lasseter, R.H. January 2011
547 KB PDF, 8 pp
Value and Technology Assessment to Enhance the Business Case for the CERTS Microgrid
Lasseter, R. and J.Eto. May 2010
836 KB PDF, 97 pp
CERTS Microgrid Laboratory Test Bed
Lasseter, R., Fellow, IEEE, J. Eto, Member, IEEE, B. Schenkman, J. Stevens, Member, IEEE, H. Volkmmer, Member, IEEE, D. Klapp, E. Linton, H. Hurtado, and J. Roy. Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery. 2010
5.1 MB PDF, 8 pp
Integration of Battery-Based Energy Storage Element in the CERTS Microgrid
Lasseter, R. and M. Erickson. October 2009
1.84 MB PDF, 129 pp
CERTS Microgrid Laboratory Test Bed
Eto, J., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, R. Lasseter, University of Wisconsin, B. Schenkman and J. Stevens, Sandia National Laboratory, D. Klapp and H. Volkommer, American Electric Power, E. Linton and H. Hurtado, Northern Power Systems, J. Roy, Tecogen, Inc. Proceedings of the 2009 CIGRE/IEEE PES Joint Symposium, July 29-31, 2009
426 KB PDF, 8 pp
Effect of Heat and Electricity Storage and Reliability on Microgrid Viability: A Study of Commercial Buildings in California and New York States
Stadler, M., C. Marnay, A. Siddiqui, J. Lai, B. Coffey, and H. Aki. March 2009
1.79 MB PDF, 106 pp
Control of Wound Field Synchronous Machine Gensets for Operation in a CERTS Microgrid
Krishnamurthy, S., and R. Lasseter, University of Wisconsin. March 2009
4.4 MB PDF, 185 pp
CERTS Microgrid Phase Two Test Results
465 KB PDF, 31 pp
DC Energy Storage in the CERTS Microgrid
Stevens, J. and B. Schenkman
374 KB, 19 pp
CERTS Migrogrid Laboratory Test Bed
Eto, J.H., R. Lasseter, B. Schenkman, J. Stevens, H. Volkommer, D. Klapp, E. Linton, H. Hurtado, J. Roy and N. Lewis. Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS). 2008
Report, 955 KB, 68 pp
Appendix A, 7.8 MB, 33 pp
Appendix B, 727 KB, 169 pp
Appendix C, 1.0 MB, 28 pp
Appendix D, 735 KB, 56 pp
Appendix E, 1.6 MB, 95 pp
Appendix F, 865 KB, 61 pp
Appendix G, 365 KB, 30 pp
Appendix H, 114 KB, 10 pp
Appendix I, 2.5 MB, 41 pp
Appendix J, 2.6 MB, 113 pp
Appendix K, 688 KB, 44 pp
Appendix L, 747 KB, 34 pp
Appendix M, 2.6 MB, 238 pp
Appendix N, 481 KB, 65 pp
Appendix O, 194 KB, 12 pp
Appendix P, 2.0 MB, 76 pp
Distributed Generation Interface to the CERTS Microgrid
Nikkhajoei, H., Member, IEEE, R. Lasseter, Fellow, IEEE. 2008
1.4 MB PDF, 10pp
The Operation of Diesel Gensets in a CERTS Microgrid
Krishnamurthy, S., Student Member, IEEE, T. Jahns, Fellow, IEEE, and R. Lasseter, Life Fellow, IEEE. 2008
402 KB PDF, 8pp
Validation of the CERTS Microgrid Concept The CEC/CERTS Microgrid Testbed
Nichols, D., Member, IEEE, J. Stevens, Member, IEEE, R. Lasseter, Fellow, IEEE, J. Eto, Member, IEEE, H. Vollkommer, Member, IEEE. 2006
121 KB PDF, 3pp
Autonomous Control of Microgrids
Piagi, P. and R. Lasseter, University of Wisconsin-Madison. June 2006
633 KB PDF, 8pp
Dynamic Distribution using (DER) Distributed Energy Resources
Lasseter, R., University of Wisconsin-Madison. May 2006
236 KB PDF, 3 pp
Control and Design of Microgrid Components
Lasseter, R. and P. Piagi, University of Wisconsin-Madison. January 2006
Report, 3.9 MB PDF, 257 pp
Executive Summary, 50 KB PDF, 6 pp
Energy Manager Design for Microgrids
Firestone, R., and C. Marnay. LBNL-54447. January 2005
927 KB PDF, 81 pp
The CERTS Microgrid and the Future of the Macrogrid
Marnay, C., and O. Bailey. LBNL-55281. August 2004
297 KB PDF, 14 pp
Behavior of Two Capstone 30kW Microturbines Operating in Parallel with Impedance Between Them
Yinger, R., July 2004
1.5 MB PDF, 36pp
Microgrid: A Conceptual Solution
Lasseter, R.H., and P. Piagi, University of Wisconsin-Madison. June 2004
447 KB PDF, 6 pp
A Business Case for On-Site Generation: The BD Biosciences Pharmingen Project
Firestone, R., C. Creighton, O. Bailey, C. Marnay and M. Stadler. February 2003
1.3 MB PDF, 86 pp
Microgrid Energy Management System
Kueck, J.D., R.H. Staunton, S.D. Labinov, and B.J. Kirby. January 2003
577 KB PDF, 83 pp
Review of Test Facilities for Distributed Energy Resources
Akhil, A., Sandia National Laboratories; C. Marnay, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and T. Lipman, University of California, Berkeley. Report Numbers: SAND2003-1602, LBNL-51954. October 2002
1.1 MB PDF, 45 pp
Integration of Distributed Energy Resources: The CERTS MicroGrid Concept
Lasseter, R., A. Akhil, C. Marnay, J. Stevens, J. Dagle, R. Guttromson, A.S. Meliopoulous, R. Yinger, and J. Eto. April 2002
Report, 242 KB PDF, 32 pp
Appendices, 299 KB PDF, 46 pp
White Paper on Protection Issues of The MicroGrid Concept
Feero, W.E., D.C. Dawson and J. Stevens. March 2002
131 KB PDF, 24 pp
Industrial Application of MicroGrids
Lasseter, R., and P. Piagi. October 2001
1.2 MB PDF, 132 pp
Power Electronics
Integration of Distributed Technologies - Standard Power Electronic Interfaces
Flannery, P., G. Venkataramanan, and B. Shi. April 2004
1.7 MB PDF, 139 pp
DER Modeling and Data
Evaluation of Distribution Analysis Software for DER Applications
Rizy, D.T., and R.H. Staunton. Report: ORNL/TM-2001/215. September 2002
481 KB PDF, 38 pp
Behavior of Capstone and Honeywell Microturbine Generators during Load Changes
Yinger, R.J. July 2001
Report, 217 KB PDF, 38 pp
Appendix A, 36 KB PDF, 4 pp
Appendix B, 67 KB PDF, 14 pp
Appendix C, 117 KB PDF, 17 pp
Appendix D, 274 KB PDF, 27 pp
Appendix E, 269 KB PDF, 25 pp
Appendix F, 206 KB PDF, 4 pp
Appendix G, 316 KB PDF, 16 pp
Appendix H, 208 KB PDF, 19 pp
Scenarios for Distributed Technology Applications with Steady State and Dynamic Models of Loads and Micro-Sources
Lasseter R., K. Tomsovic and P. Piagi. April 2000
431 KB PDF, 90 pp
DER Customer Adoption Model
Optimal Technology Selection and Operation of Microgrids in Commercial Buildings
Marnay, C., G. Venkataramanan, M. Stadler, A. Siddiqui, R. Firestone, and B. Chandran. June 2007
282 KB PDF, 8 pp
Microturbine Economic Competitiveness: A Study of Two Potential Adopters
Firestone, R., and C. Marnay. LBNL-57985. December 2005
696 KB PDF, 49 pp
Distributed Energy Resources Customer Adoption Modeling with Combined Heat and Power Applications
Siddiqui, A., R. Firestone, S. Ghosh, M. Stadler, C. Marnay, and J. Edwards. June 2003
1.2 MB PDF, 127 pp
Distributed Energy Resources in Practice: A Case Study Analysis and Validation of LBNL's Customer Adoption Model
Bailey, O., C. Creighton, R. Firestone, C. Marnay and M. Stadler. February 2003
Report, 1.6 MB PDF, 209 pp
Appendix,3.6 MB PDF, 157 pp
Modeling of Customer Adoption of Distributed Energy Resources
Marnay, C., J.S. Chard, K.S. Hamachi, T. Lipman, M.M. Moezzi, B. Ouaglal, and A.S. Siddiqui. August 2001
1.3 MB PDF, 122 pp
Customer Adoption of Small-Scale On-Site Power Generation
Siddiqui, A., C. Marnay, K. Hamachi and F. Rubio. April 2001
111 KB PDF, 19 pp
CERTS Customer Adoption Model
Rubio, F., A. Siddiqui, C. Marnay and K. Hamachi. March 2001
1.4 MB PDF, 145 pp
Integrated Assessment of Dispersed Energy Resources Deployment
Marnay, C., R. Blanco, K. Hamachi, C. Kawann, J. Osborn, and F. Rubio. March 2000
5.3 MB PDF, 139
Research, Development, and Demonstration Needs for Large-Scale, Reliability-Enhancing, Integration of Distributed Energy Resources
Eto, J., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and V. Budhraja, C. Martinez, J. Dyer and M. Kondragunta, Edison Technology Solutions. Proceedings of the Thirty-Third Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, January 4-7, 2000
104 KB PDF, 7 pp